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About your CRABBY Bag

All Crabby bags are made FRESH!! Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. One complete, you will receive a email letting you know your order has been shipped.

Crabby bags are shipped with dry ice, because dry ice is a gas, dry ice may or may not be present upon delivery; but your order should still be cold. To learn more about dry ice please visit https://dryiceinfo.com/ 



special note: our systems are integrated to detect fraud and high risk orders. If your order has been flagged in our systems, regardless to the shipping method selected; your order will be put on hold until your payment has completed cleared. If we still do not feel comfortable processing your order, your card will be refunded. We will not refund your transactions to another card under any circumstances. 

To ensure we can correctly handle charge backs, we only deliver orders to is the address associated with your Debit/credit card. 


Thank you for your support 

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****we do not offer refunds on perishable items. IE.Crabby bags ****