How we ship – Crabby Bags

How we ship

How we ship your order

We ship every order via Cold Freight Services. Cold freight delivers each crabby bag frozen

to get your temperature sensitive items delivered on time and in temp.

We offer several options for any size shipment to any destination - from a single case of crabby bags up to a 12,000 lb. load of frozen crabby v bags

Our experienced driving and dispatch staff is available 24/7/365 to help you navigate the world of perishable logistics, no matter what the timeline. We specialize in expedited deliveries for critical items with our refrigerated vehicles, controlled and monitored by innovative tech solutions that help ensure you freight is delivered safely.

We ship your packages via FedEx Ground or Express! At Cold Freight, we  deliver each package with Dry Ice and Styrofoam coolers (multiple sizes, at current or below market rates) to your warehouse for FedEx/Next Day Air Service, which costs a fraction of courier/trucking costs.